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Break free from the office desk with our desktop and mobile apps

Take the office phone number on the road and stay connected by receiving and making calls from your mobile just as you would from your desk phone. Banish roaming charges when abroad by calling through the app. Call colleagues and other remote workers in your organisation for free.

World class Android and iOS apps in the palm of your hand

buzzbox is designed to work alongside the world's leading VoIP client - Bria - that allows you to make and receive calls wherever you are in the world. You'll be able to connect from WiFi hotspots, over 3G or 4G or even receive calls to your mobile number seamlessly without a data connection. The same app also allows you to chat with colleagues or conduct video calls.

Fully featured and regularly updated mobile apps
Support voice, video and chat using buzzbox unified communications platform
Proxy and tunneling support to get around NAT barriers
Low battery consumption and seamless integration with the phone
Inbound calls fail over to your normal mobile number if you lose data connection

Stay connected wherever you are

With the buzzbox mobile app, you can stay connected to the office wherever you are - on the same extension you use in the office. Your colleages can reach you on your extension number, and if you are on the move and lose data signal, they'll be automatically connected to your mobile number without even realising.

Make and receive calls from your smartphone with no cost
Automatic failover so calls go to your mobile number if you lose data
No need to hand out your mobile number anymore
Set your status (available, busy, away etc) so your colleagues know when to reach you
Seamless integration - the office phone book follows you wherever you go
No roaming charges - use the app to make and receive calls at the same price

Set up in an instant

Remote extensions can be configured from the buzzbox dashboard directly - giving you complete control over the mobile workforce. The app is pre-designed to navigate tricky firewalls and NAT issues, meaning you stay connected on any WiFi connection, anywhere.

Rapid app configuration - minimising setup headache
Use the app for conference calling or messaging
Entirely integrated with the phone - address book, call history, voicemail alerts and more
Video and voice support using efficient codecs for use on limited data connections


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Hear From Our Happy Clients

The product is awesome, the service is a joy, we are saving money, plus we were very pleased to see the back of our old provider! I'm using the system now to incredible effect, the training and coaching is off the charts.

Prysm Group

We have been really happy with the service provided by buzzbox, it has reduced our call costs dramatically. Lots of our staff work all over the world and we have lost international call charges. Faultless and easy service!

Safehouse Management

Great personal customer service where we don't feel like one of a long list of frustrated callers. Wonderful facility at the fraction of the price of other similar telecoms solutions. Superfast install & easy to use system.

John Alexander Ltd