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Reporting and statistics at an unprecendented level of depth

buzzbox has built in reports that can be run at any time. You'll gain insights in to the number of calls being made, which extensions are used the most, access to call recordings and key performance indicators.

Charting reports only a click away

Access in-depth charts within a few clicks and produce reports on groups of staff or the entire organisation. Access to statistics can be limited by user, allowing staff managers access to only their extensions and no-one elses.

Instant graphical charts and reports on-screen
Downloadable as Excel or PDF format documents
Access call recordings instantly or archive historical recordings for compliance
A range of reporting tools - average call duration, call volume, usage by time of day and more

Listen and whisper with a click

Every extension can be accessed by managers or trainers, so that live calls can be listened to and monitored. If required it's even possible to talk to the trainee whilst he is speaking to a caller without the caller realising.

Listen in on conversations from your office desk or at home
Whisper on select calls - boosting staff training times
Maintain productivity levels and meet compliance requirements

Full access to raw CDR data and standards based

If you require full CDR reports, buzzbox will produce the call history of your organisation in a downloadable format that can be used for reporting offline. A powerful search tool allows you to find call records with a few clicks.

Full CDR call reports available
Find phone conversations dating back months
Downloadable raw data for use in Excel and reporting tools
Full back end integration with MySQL compatibility


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Hear From Our Happy Clients

The product is awesome, the service is a joy, we are saving money, plus we were very pleased to see the back of our old provider! I'm using the system now to incredible effect, the training and coaching is off the charts.

Prysm Group

We have been really happy with the service provided by buzzbox, it has reduced our call costs dramatically. Lots of our staff work all over the world and we have lost international call charges. Faultless and easy service!

Safehouse Management

Great personal customer service where we don't feel like one of a long list of frustrated callers. Wonderful facility at the fraction of the price of other similar telecoms solutions. Superfast install & easy to use system.

John Alexander Ltd