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International phone numbers for your business

Do you do business with customers abroad?

Give your international customers a local number to call, so they can get in touch with you easily and cheaply.

Can you afford not to have an international number for them to call? Or more importantly, can they afford to call your UK number? Think about the potential lost business of not having a number that your foreign customers can call cheaply and with confidence.

A buzzbox international number is unique. Here's how it works:

  1. We assign you an international number from a choice of over 80 countries
  2. You tell us which phone number you'd like the international calls to go to - it can be a landline or mobile number
  3. Start receiving calls from international customers (or friends and family)

If you'd like a little further explanation on buzzbox international numbers, please call us on : +44 (0)330 122 2230 or email


How it Works Video


  • Choose any international Number

    We have international numbers for over 80 countries. Pick the number you need and we'll assign it to you within 24 hours - you can then set up your account to receive calls to any phone number you nominate, a UK landline or mobile.

  • Attract international customers

    Customers are more likely to get in touch with your company if you offer a local number for them to call. They will feel your business has a global reach, plus it's cheap or free for them to call you.

  • Reduce roaming charges

    If you or your staff spend large amounts of time in a particular country, simply purchase a local SIM card for your mobile phone and use your buzzbox international number for making cheap calls to the office.


  • Reduce branch office call charges

    If you have staff or offices overseas, you can virtually eliminate overseas call charges because your remote office simply has to call a local number to get through to you.

  • Use it for friends and family

    You can give your international number to friends and family, so they have a cheap and easy way of getting in touch with you.

  • Convenient

    You can point your international number to any phone number you like - this could be a landline or mobile number.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a broadband connection?
    No, the service works without a broadband connection. You will need access to the internet to configure your international number, but apart from that, you do not need the internet to receive calls.
    Is there a contract?
    No, the service is a rolling monthly service. If you no longer require the service, please advise us at and we will cancel your account with 30 days notice.
    Do I have to pay to receive calls?
    If you are not a buzzbox Baby or buzzbox Pro customer, you will need to pay a small charge to receive the calls. The charge depends on the number you are sending your international calls to (regardless of the country the call originated from). The cost of sending calls to a UK landline is 1p/min, or a mobile 5p/min. However, if you are a buzzbox Baby or Pro customer, we can link your number to your buzzbox account so that your buzzbox handsets can receive the international calls. There is no charge to receive these calls in this instance.
    Does the caller have to pay to make calls to the international number you give me?
    It depends on their phone contract, but our international numbers are classed as landline numbers in those countries, so if the caller has a call plan, or inclusive minutes, your international number is likely to be included in their plan. We always advise you to check first, as we cannot be responsible for charges incurred by the caller's phone operator.
    How long does it take to set up?
    We normally advise 24 hours for some international numbers, but often it is sooner than this. We will advise you by email when your number is assigned to your account, with full instructions on how to set it up.
    I'm only a small business/sole trader. Can I still use buzzbox international numbers?
    Yes, the product is suitable for small sole traders, up to large corporations.
    How many calls can I receive on my international number at once?
    Each international number you have can receive two simultaneous calls. If you start using more than this, do let us know by email and we'll extend the limit.
    Can I have an international number with a specific area code?
    For some countries, we can offer numbers in specific geographical regions. For example, in the US, we can offer New York, California, Texas numbers etc. If you need a number in a specific region, please drop us an email at: with your order reference and the city you are interested in. We will try to assign you a number from that city. If we cannot, we will by default provide a number with an area code of the capital, if that is not available, then a national area code.
    How do I pay my charges?
    Use of this service requires that you set up a Direct Debit with us. The mandate will be emailed to you when you purchase your first international number. Your number will not be active until Direct Debit has been set up.
    I already have a buzzbox account, how can I link this number to my account?
    If you already have an account with us, we will automatically add any new international numbers to your account, unless you tell us otherwise via If you already have Direct Debit set up with us, we will take the monthly line rental charge via the Direct Debit you have set up. buzzbox Pro customers may require a small configuration change on their dashboard to allow the new number into your office.