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Welcome to your new fully featured PBX

Uncover the benefits of a VoIP based phone system

buzzbox Pro phone is a fully featured office PBX (phone system) with messaging and video calling built in. buzzbox Pro comes with low call rates, dedicated phone numbers that you choose, a host of great features plus voicemail, call recording and music on hold too at no extra cost.

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You have ultimate control over your buzzbox service, with in-depth call history and statistics so you can see exactly which calls are being made and to where.

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We'll also be there when you need us - many telecoms companies promise first class support but customers are continually let down. We offer fast-track support with a quick turnaround just when you need us.

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  • Voicemail

    If you're not at your desk, our voicemail service will take your missed calls. You can even check your voicemail when you're out of the office, or have the messages sent to your email address.

  • Call waiting

    If you're frustrated by missing inbound calls whilst you're talking to someone else, then call waiting is for you. You can see the incoming call and choose to put the current caller on hold or ignore it.

  • Conference calling

    Have a three way conversation - or more - with conference calling. No-one has to remain out of the loop.

  • Ring groups (ring several phones at once)

    If you want more than just one phone to ring, then set up a ring group, allowing you to send a single inbound call to as many phones as you like at the same time.

  • Call recording*

    Do you want to record calls for training or compliance purposes? You can choose to record inbound, outbound or all calls that go through your line.

  • IVR welcome menus*

    If you require menu systems for your callers, buzzbox lets you create interactive 'press 1, press 2' style menu systems to get your callers through to the correct department.

  • 14 day trial

    Want to see if buzzbox is right for you? Try any of our landline services for a 14 day trial without investing a penny. You only have to pay for the calls you make.


  • Hold music

    If you need to place the caller on hold, we'll provide the sound track. It's far more professional than plain silence or repetitive beeps.

  • Keep your existing number

    If you already have a widely publicised number, there's no reason for you not to bring it over to buzzbox. We will take care of the whole porting process for you.

  • Never engaged

    If your customers are regularly getting the engaged tone, then buzzbox solves that problem by allowing multiple callers to call your number at once. An engaged tone is a lost customer - with buzzbox your callers can always get through.

  • Dedicated phone number

    Choose your own 01, 02 or 03 number. We'll give you a list to choose from so you can grab that catchy number that customers will remember.

  • Call history and statistics*

    Get in-depth analysis of calls made and their charges with historical charts of all the calls made using buzzbox. Cutting edge technology with interactive maps gives you ultimate detail.

  • Listen and whisper*

    Now you can listen to calls as they happen and even speak to your staff while they're on a call. For staff training and performance, nothing comes close.

  • Monthly and six monthly contracts

    Forget 18 month, 2 year and 5 year contracts - our contracts on single lines are rolling monthly and for business phone systems, just six months rolling with 30 days notice.

* Premium features available for companies with 3+ handsets only.

  • Top Destinations

    Destination buzzbox per minute Skype BT
    UK Landline
    01, 02, 03, 055, 056
    1p + 1p connection1.8p + 3.1p connection11.3p + 3.3p connection
    UK Mobile
    5p + 1p connection7.6p + 5.6p connection20.3p (average) + 3.3p connection
    UK Freefone
    0800, 0808
    0843, 0844 From 3p + 1p connectionFrom 9.2p + 5.6p connection4p + 3.3p connection
    0843, 0844 2p + 1p connectionFrom 9.2p + 5.6p connection4p + 3.3p connection
    0871, 0872 From 8p + 1p connectionFrom 18p + 5.6p connection11p + 3.3p connection

    Our full list of destinations can be found here

    Prices correct as of 01/12/2015. Standard prices quoted, excluding bundled minutes, deals or offers. EAOE. Prices subject to change without prior notice downwards, with reasonable notice upwards. Prices exclude VAT where applicable.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it work?
    If you order a single line from us, we will send you a handset in the post that you simply connect to the back of your broadband router. Once it is connected, you'll be then able to make and recieve calls right away. If you order a multi-line service from us, we will send you some equipment that needs to connect to your broadband router. Once connected, the equipment will then manage the handsets that you connect to it.
    Can I manage the phone system myself?
    Yes, all management of the phone system is done via your web browser with a few clicks. Take a look at our Support pages to see some videos of the system in action.
    What does it cost?
    For our single line product, you will pay £5 per month plus call charges. For multi-line installations you will pay £29 per month for up to four lines or £59 per month for up to 10 lines (plus call charges). Installations with more than four lines include 500 free UK landline minutes per month.
    Do I need an internet connection?
    buzzbox services require a broadband connection to work - this can be regular ADSL, Fibre or leased line. Normally, the buzzbox service will work just fine alongside your existing broadband connection. We do recommend a dedicated broadband connection for the buzzbox service if you have more than seven phone lines with buzzbox.
    Do I need to buy new handsets?
    Most probably. Depending on the type of handset, we can use some existing models of handset, however, you can purchase our handsets for £39 each. They are fully featured office handsets with visual voicemail indidcators, loudspeaker, conference calling and much more.
    How quickly can we have our phone system installed?
    If you are ordering a single handset, we dispatch next day delivery and normally get to you within four working days. For multi-line installations, we suggest you factor in 10 days for a basic installation. Other matters, such as moving existing phone numbers over to buzzbox can take longer.