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Unified communications - voice, video and chat in one

buzzbox enables your organisation to communicate more clearly and freely. With voice, video and chat baked in, collaborating and communicating has never been easier. With built in presence, you can see the status of your staff with a glance. Remote workers will be connected as if sat in the office and can be managed from the central buzzbox Dashboard. Use any device you choose, from Android tablets, to iOS devices, to Mac or PC - they're all covered.

See what your colleagues are up to

Presence is the ability to see the status of your colleagues - busy, away from desk and so on. buzzbox will give you the status of everyone in your organisation, whether they are on the phone or grabbing a cup of coffee. Saves time transferring calls to busy extensions or interrupting colleagues when they are deep in work.

Avoids sending calls to colleagues who are busy
Reduce number of voicemails
If your colleague is on the other side of the world, you can still see their status
Separate status indicators for chat and voice

Voicemail to your inbox

Check your voicemail from anywhere you can access email. All voicemails can be sent on to an email address of your choosing. No special software is required, the voicemail is sent as an attachment that can be opened on any device.

Check your voicemail from your inbox
No need to dial in to your handset to listen to voicemails
Keep a record of voicemail conversations
Works with any email account

Instant messaging

Sometimes a message is better than a call. buzzbox allows your organisation to send messages between each other, without the need for third party messaging software. You can be assured of the security of all messages because they will never leave your network.

Send messages from mobile or desktop apps
Share screens or send files, just like other IM applications
Works on all popular devices and within our buzzbox Communicator desktop app
Organise contacts by groups so you can chat easily
Create chat rooms - like conference calls for text


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Hear From Our Happy Clients

The product is awesome, the service is a joy, we are saving money, plus we were very pleased to see the back of our old provider! I'm using the system now to incredible effect, the training and coaching is off the charts.

Prysm Group

We have been really happy with the service provided by buzzbox, it has reduced our call costs dramatically. Lots of our staff work all over the world and we have lost international call charges. Faultless and easy service!

Safehouse Management

Great personal customer service where we don't feel like one of a long list of frustrated callers. Wonderful facility at the fraction of the price of other similar telecoms solutions. Superfast install & easy to use system.

John Alexander Ltd